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6 Habits That Harm Your Teeth

We often forget about the simple habits we adopt over time which can gradually wreck our teeth, despite all the efforts we go to with brushing, flossing and whitening. In order to preserve your beautiful smile, it’s important to acknowledge these habits and refrain from them as much as possible.

1. Brushing too hard

Brushing your teeth too hard can cause enamel erosion and receding gums, possibly resulting in tooth sensitivity. This habit can also irritate your gums, causing you pain.

2. Grinding your teeth

Teeth grinding is a common occurrence as many people suffer from bruxism, a condition whereby someone grinds their teeth subconsciously (especially during sleep). This could lead to a misaligned jaw and the premature wearing down of your teeth. In addition, you may subsequently suffer from headaches, jaw pain and tooth pain.

3. Nail biting

Nail biting could result in chipped or cracked teeth. In addition, it could also lead to jaw dysfunction as regularly biting your nails can cause your teeth to shift out of their natural place.

4. Chewing ice

Chewing ice can damage your tooth enamel, leaving you more vulnerable to tooth decay. It can also lead to cracked and chipped teeth.

5. Thumb-sucking

Although thumb-sucking is okay for teething infants, for anyone above the age of five, thumb-sucking can result in an overbite or your teeth aligning incorrectly. This is due to your front teeth possibly being pushed forward by the action of sucking your thumb.

6. Using your teeth to open items

This very common habit could easily result in a chipped, cracked or broken tooth which can be a highly painful experience.

Make sure you schedule regular check ups to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. Our expert dentists based in Knox and South Morang can help you maintain the dazzling smile you desire and inform you of more tips and tricks to help protect your teeth.

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