Faustina Gonsalvez

Oral Health Therapist
BSc / Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and Hygeine)

Faustina moved to Melbourne from Malaysia when she was 14 years old and studied Bachelor of Science at Monash University before starting her path towards dentistry. Her passion for dental started after having braces. She was fascinated by how a healthy set of teeth could boost one’s confidence and the impact it has on overall health, which inspired her to enrol into Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene) at Charles Sturt University.

During her spare time, she enjoys travelling when possible, watching Netflix, and spent time with her dog and family.

What is an oral thealth therapist?

Oral Health Therapist combines the role of a dental hygienist and dental therapist. They are registered dental practitioners who works with dentists to looks after patients of all ages with a strong focus on prevention of dental diseases and educating patients. They are qualified in providing comprehensive examination, routine check up, scale and clean, take x-rays, diagnose dental decay and gum disease, and minor fillings (exclude crown, adult extraction, root canal).

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